Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A lovely garden house

When we visited my sister-in-law and my brother end of September I admired their garden house... 

Sneak peek from the outside...


Decorated with much love and I had a Christmassy feeling...

Very exciting!

♥  Emilie's daughter 

pics by me

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Finally I managed to make my this year's Hydrangea wreath...

In the park nearby are loads of them. 
 observe them from tiny in spring until they are in that siren red telling me to come and take some home...

 Then I let them dry for about a week.

After that they are ready to become a wreath and last till next spring 
when the tiny ones appear again in the park...

Now it is hanging on our apartment door.  Pleasing me every day!

♥  Emilie's daughter 

pics by me

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Like a scurrying mouse...

In the hustle bustle of the after-working hours I brushed past this amazing display of autumn plants - loved it, snapshotted, went on, felt like a scurrying mouse and nearly forgot about it until I accidentally saw the pic a few minutes ago...

♥  Emilie's daughter 

pic by me 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I managed too...

It seems everybody has bought their pumpkins to decorate or cook with. Finally I managed too! 
I decorated the small window leading out into the garden!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 

pics by me

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An unforgettable and unusually warm October day with M&M

... at the borders of Lake Biel near Berne. 
We  were catering for 40 people, were successful and had a great time!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 

pics by me

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Azulejos - Ceramic Tile Art in Lisbon

Tiles (called azulejos) are everywhere in Portugal. They decorate everything from walls of churches and monasteries, to palaces, ordinary houses, park seats, fountains, shops, and railway stations. They often portray scenes from the history of the country, show its most ravishing sights, or simply serve as street signs, nameplates, or house numbers.

Although they are not a Portuguese invention (the use of glazed tiles began in Egypt), they have been used more imaginatively and consistently in Portugal than in any other nation. They became an art form, and by the 18th century no other European country was producing as many tiles for such a variety of purposes and in so many different designs. Today, they still remain a very important part of the country's architecture. 

If you like to read on and would like to see more of the incredible tiles see here.

The tiles I photographed are the ones you see above. I loved them and it is really just a very small selection of what you can admire when visiting Lisbon.

I think this is grand!

Last but not least the tram... what would Lisbon be without? Definitely not Lisbon...

Have a good time! And visit Lisbon and see it's azulejos - if you can!

♥  Emilie's daughter ♥ 

pics by me

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back soon...

I am taking a short holiday for the next few days and will gladly answer your kind and much appreciated comments on my previous post afterwards. Meawhile enjoy a little bit of the garden of my sister in law. More impressions to come of her paradise in another post!

See you soon!

Emilie's daughter

pics by me