Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspirations from the web! So calm!

I like the calmness of this room. It is the room's symmetry that is so attracting I guess. 

I love the chairs and the idea of a large and light flooded kitchen. Imagine sitting with family and friends at the table eating and drinking and discussing about life! 

 My kitchen doesn't have very much storage so this kitchen would come in handy to put away glasses, plates, bowls and pans!

 Also here it's the balance that makes this shower calm. I love the creamy white - it is so pure! The shower heads look beautifully old-fashioned and I think I would shower here for hours! 
So luckily there would be another one for the rest of the family!

Keep your eyes open for the beauty of your surroundings a have a good day!

Emilie's daughter

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