Saturday, January 29, 2011

I cant't help it...

I can't help it but I love these white rooms! They are simple but still lively. I love the kitchen with the mirror - that's true luxury! I am also taken by the checked tablecloth. I think I'll buy one for my table too. With the white chairs, the flowers, the dishes, glasses and cutlery it looks somewhat fancy but not stiff.

While you are reading this post I am still wondering around in Paris, hehehe!

Have an inspiring and light Saturday and don't forget to participate in my lottery!

Emilie's daughter

images by decor happy


  1. from the Netherlands: a very happy birthday and a nice time in Paris! Iris and I love the white rooms; especially the nice old bed (I thinks it's quite cosy as it's not too large). And ofcourse you're right about the table cloth. It really brightens up the table.

  2. simply wonderful your blog!! jetzt wo ich weiss, dass das tatsächlich DU bist - wow... wo hast du nur all die tollen bilder her - am besten gefällt mir allerdings immer noch EUER esszimmer mit dem neuen tisch :-) die karierte tischdecke würd sich da auf jeden fall gut machen!! im nachhinein noch happy birthday und dicke liebe grüsse nach paris - you're great!