Thursday, February 3, 2011

I love...

... aprons. When I am home doing housework, ironing, vacuum cleaning, dusting, making the beds, cleaning and cooking - I ALWAYS wear an apron.

When I was a little girl I wore an apron at school.
The girls were urged to do so! 
Unfortunately mine doesn't look as fancy as the one on the picture. I decided to buy one in which I look like the mistress of the house and not like the servant. But it's not easy at all! I'll tell you when I found one!
 Do you wear aprons at home? I would love to know!!!

By the way my darling always wears one when cooking - and he looks so sexy in it!

Hope to hear from you - have a beautiful day!

Emilie's daughter 

picture via Bernard Trouillon


  1. I love this picture! I also wear aprons but unfortunately I haven't found a stylish one yet! Thks for sharing!

  2. NEver thought about it! But yes, I often wear an apron especially for cooking. Love the picture and your blog! Hugs from Grace