Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remembering a beautiful Saturday in Paris!

Three weeks have passed since our short trip to Paris. I still remember a beautiful Saturday starting with creamy café au lait and buttery croissants then a long walk to

and then to

 I was absolutely IMPRESSED- I though it was smaller! 
After that we went to a brasserie warming up with this...

Soupe à l'oignon! MMHHH.... Then again wondering around discovering this and that...

 Here and there a stop over...

And at the end of the day a tasty dinner in a beautiful restaurant... 
sorry forgot to take picture of the dessert...

Bon appétit! After that we fell into bed and slept tightly and happily!

More calories to see tomorrow! 

Till then - je vous embrace!

Emilie's daughter


  1. Meine Liebe möchte am liebsten mich hinsetzen und essen, ohne an meine Hüften zu denken. Sieht lecker und sehr einladend aus.

  2. You haven't got any hips... already forgotten? We will soon have a luscious dinner together and I am so much looking forward to that... big hug...

  3. O yes please it would be very nice and I'm sure we will have a funny evening. Thank you