Monday, April 11, 2011


I am back from great holidays together with 11 handicapped people in Cinque Terre, Italy! Unfortunately I could not do any posting - too much going on! We had a 16 hours day and late in the evening I just fell tired but happy into my hotel bed! I took some pictures but again I had problems with my camera... Here you see some pictures of a tasty cappuccino we had in Bar Levanto early in the morning.  A lady made these coffees with love and inspired me to copy it at home. 
A funny and lovely idea, what do you think?

I will see what I can make out of the pictures I have left in my camera tomorrow. For today I wish you a good start into the new week and do not forget to participate in my giveaway - as I said your participation makes me happy!


Emilie's daughter

pictures via me


  1. Nice !!

    I'll definitely try this out at home for my girlfriend (and i cannot cop out, she's currently right next to me :) ). It's chocolate, isn't it?

    Good evening and keep on blogging!

    François & Sarah

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