Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Set Design: Something’s Gotta Give

For Something’s Gotta Give, director Nancy Meyers asked set decorator Beth Rubino to create a substantial Hamptons house for Diane Keaton, who plays a substantial Manhattan playwright whose daughter is having an affair with Jack Nicholson—until chest pains turn his heart up-side down in more ways than one. Forced to recuperate in the guest room of his girlfriend’s mother’s beach retreat, Nicholson finds that his unexpected infirmary is as big a player as those who inhabit it. Read more. 

When I saw the movie I was blown-away by the interior design and these pictures make my memories come back. I went to the cinema with my hubby and we both enjoyed it. 
Often I pay more attention to the interior design than to the actors... 

Did you watch this movie and do you remember when and with whom?

I am curious I know...

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Emilie's daughter


  1. Yes, I know, Luana! The size of the kitchen is similar to yours! I ENVY YOU! Big kiss