Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want to go on a holiday?

Sometimes it takes just a glimpse at lightflooded pictures from the sea and one feels the salty wind, smells the herbs and sees the deckchair in which one would read the piles of book one is longing to have time for. I had these emotions when I saw this portrait about a house in Denmark. I am drawn to the unconventional feel this dwelling spreads. I especially LOVE the shower outside. It has this shabby chic style we all like. A house to spend time with family and friends, to enjoy summer days and just live an easy life away from the everyday hustle bustle

What feelings arise when you look at these pictures?

However, have an easy, summery day!

Emilie's daughter

pictures via Campagne Decoration

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  1. The same happens to me! Watching these pictures brings me into holiday mood! Wow! Maureen