Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's Saturday and Baguette time!

When I found this picture it provoked fantastic memories of our holidays in France two years ago: We stayed in Burgundy at  Maisonrose. Every morning at 8.30 am the baker passed by our window tooting to say: Here is the baker - anyone for bread? We were told to leave a bag at the old wooden door with our order for bread and some money. I tell you: We had our ears open! As soon as we heard the horn, we started the coffee machine, then we heard him (do not know whether it really was a "him" as we never saw that person) nestling with the bag and when we heard the start of the engine we ran to the door, took in the bag and were rewarded with beautifully buttery croissants and crusty and yet soft baguette. A feast already in the morning!

Here you see the stair leading to the beautiful apartment. We had a wonderful week with walking, cooking and tasting wine. The landscape is awesome, people are very friendly and if we had more holidays we would surely go back. If ever you consider to stay in Burgundy - then that is the place to be!

So happy Saturday! I hope you are enjoying a tasty breakfast! If not today, then hopefully tomorrow!

Emilie's daughter

Picture 1 via web (do not remember where from) Picture 2 via maisonrose

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  1. What a funny picture! Very mouthwatering! Maureen