Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our neighbours' terrace

When I sit on our kitchen balcony I can see this terrace. I do not know who lives there as practically never anybody enjoys sitting there. If it was ours we would have more plants, a parasol in a lively color, in the morning we would drink coffee at the table, read the newspaper, at lunchtime we would have our Insalata Caprese of course accompanied by a glass of fresh and golden yellow wine, then we would have a little nap on blue-white striped deckchairs, around 5 o'clock an extended aperitif with hubby, i.e. Prosecco and a platter with olives, crispy bread, some Parma ham... Then go back inside the apartment prepare a beautiful dinner for friends with pasta, meat, salad, a sweet. When they arrive we would seat them at a nicely set table, light some candles and let our lifes flow...  Who knows me might even dance... When the weather is warm one could put a bed outside and watch the stars sparkling...

Well, not everybody has got the same ideas! Definitely! What I love though is the livesafer! It is such a summery asset and each year I am delighted when these unknown neighbours hang it up again.

Wishing you a pleasant day!

Emilie's daughter

pictures via me

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