Saturday, June 11, 2011

Had some friends over yesterday...

Fried piementos and aioli

Beautiful green salad from the market

Chorizo, peppers, oignons, passata and linguine pasta

Tangy cheesecake with strawberries - I did not like it so much...

Another beautiful evening with our friend Luana and her lovely daughter Laura has passed.  Lots to talk and discuss about. Next Friday we will assist her with the organisation of her birthday party. I am so much looking forward because I know it is going to be funny and cheerful.

Today I'll drive to Basle with hubby, our son Moritz and his gorgeous girlfriend Myriam - an interesting flea is waiting for us. If we have time we will cross the border to France or Germany!
 I hope I can show you some pictures tomorrow.

Till then have a nice day and keep on cooking!

Emilie's daughter

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  1. What's that first dish? Need the recipe! Maureen