Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Luana dear!

When I arrived, Luana and her daughter Laura cooked in their morning coats... hehe

Prosecco helped while preparing....

All these goodies just for us... yummy in the tummy...

Impressions of the interior... LOVE IT!

First guests arrived

Luana explaining the menu...

Finally digging in...  DELICIOUS!


Happy Birthday, Luana! 

Everyone enjoyed it - especially Emilie's daughter !

Luana, cara! We enjoyed the evening and we are already looking forward to your Christmas aperitif in December!

Big hug and kiss,

Emilie's daughter


  1. Jej, some great photos from this awesome eve'! :) Moreover, your site is great too! Warm regards Alex

  2. Thanks, Alex for your comment! Was great to meet you - are looking forward to the next gathering at Luana's! Emilie's daughter

  3. My dear friend you are simply my best :-)