Thursday, June 23, 2011

Une maison où le gris vous sourit

Love the chandelier, the old linen and the fireplace

Like the various collectibles

Would I find my things better in all those drawers?

Cozy kitchen to have a cup of coffee in the morning

Realized that this street light is a trompe l'oeil only at second sight

A table lamp in the bathroom... fantastic

What an unusual house! Very feminine! And all in grey! 
More and more I find this color fantastic for a calm interior, incredibly 
versatile and applicable to all rooms. What I am missing is a look outside. 
I would have loved to see the garden. If it reflects the inside it is romantic and full of old roses...

I guess I will never know but I can make it up in my mind and daydream a little bit...

That's all for today - let's meet tomorrow again!

Emilie's daughter

via Sköna Hem

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