Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy day...

Today was very busy: Working in the morning in the office and after that:

Assisting a friend of my older son with the sewing of new trousers... she was soo happy with the result...

What a chaos...

Inspite of the chaos Domenic made a good job
... then assisting my younger son with baking fruity cupcakes. 
While I had to make sure they do not burn in the oven - he was showering as he was invited to his girlfriend's and of course he had to make sure to look like a rock star...

After all that cleaning up I sewed some cushion covers out of tea towels from Ikea. I think they came out beautifully and were made in no time and at nearly no costs:

... and so did Emilie's daughter

Today another busy day as we are going to paint our kitchen and do some other work in the apartment.

Actually I need a holiday... well I'll grit my teeth and get to it!

Emilie's daughter

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