Monday, July 11, 2011

In the wilderness

Hi, here is hubby (also know as Albert's son).
Thank you, Emilie's daughter, for invitation to be your guest-blogger today!

This weekend, we were 3 hubbies and 4 of our sons (one sick, one abroad) going
 away for our so-called "annually men's nature adventure trip".

That's how it started: heavy backpacks and hot weather in the
beautiful Emmental (community of Eggiwil and river Emme, to be precise).
 Hard work to do: crossing the Emme several times, backpacks
heavy like hell, but lots of nice things in there!

Shortly after arriving at our biwak place, we started our culinary event with a few
nice pans of melted cheese (raclette , we call that here) - first course!

Cheese alone is not the solution: we baked our own bread. 

Second course: Beautiful tiger prawns with spring onions and herbs!

Now let's go to the "main course": this is a young pig from Wichtrach (near Berne)
which had a nice, but very short live - I know we are horrible, sorry little beautiful pig!

Although it has been prepared before by the best butcher of Bern,

... we injected olive oil to get the pig even more tender and delicate.

The story goes on ... the pig is fixed to the spit ...

... and has to be turned over the fire for 5 to 6 hours - some beers helped the cooks ...

... and the nice pig as well!

  The great moment: the chef (please notice: he's wearing an apron in the middle of nowhere!)
carves our wonderful young pig ...

... and the pieces - just wonderful ham - are kept warm in a "side-pan".

That's how it looks like after one hour we started eating and 7 hungry guys around ...

The bellies are full and we relax at the fire ...

... and fall asleep inside (the tent) ...

... or outside between the trees ... imagine: it was raining cats and dogs that night, but our shelters and sleeping bags kept us dry and warm.

Finishing the next day - this time with a nice pot of spaghetti.

And that's us: 7 Swiss indians in the wild!

 A last sight back - mother nature, we love you!
And thank you Yänu, Dömu, Välu, Thömu, Mättu and Möru! You are really friends!

 Albert's son

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  1. Love these photos and all of you! I am proud very proud! Till the next guest blogging! Emilie's daughter