Monday, August 15, 2011

Calamares or squid rings - yummy!

All you need is chopped garlic, tomatoes, lemon, Italian parsley, white wine, vegetable broth, cayenne pepper, olive oil, fresh cream, squid rings from a sustainable source

Fry the garlic in a non-sticking pan with olive oil

add the chopped tomatoes

pour in the lemon juice and some white wine

add the cream

stir, add some vegetable broth

add the squid rings, cook until tender (don't overcook as they get tough)

add the parsley and pepper, cayenne pepper, add more broth if needed


On Saturday we had these squid rings with linguine (flat spaghetti) pasta. Actually I prefer black spaghetti but not everybody in our family likes them so we used these linguines. Let me tell you though the dish looks fantastic when combined with black!

Today my younger son goes back to school, my elder son comes back from Florence
 - daily life hits us definitely.

So if you go back to work, school or simply into every day life have a good start!

Emilie's daughter

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  1. My dear I also prefer the normal spaghetti instaed the black spaghetti. I agree totaly with some of your familiy.

    Have a nice day