Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summerhouse - part II

My post today: Another beautiful summerhouse making one long for hot temperatures at a lake or at the sea. What do you think about it? I love the kitchen. It reminds me of a summerhouse we stayed in Italy and be assured we enjoyed it to the utmost, prepared beautiful menus every day and certainly had a fiesta every evening.

Grab your sunhat, your sunglasses, your suncream, bikini, your flipflops and go out and breathe in that summery feeling! But before: Participate in my giveaway!

See you tomorrow!

Emilie's daughter

pictures via web


  1. Glad to participate in your giveaway! Maureen

  2. Ich finde deinen Blog wunderbar und würde mich freuen, die schöne Schürze zu gewinnen. Bernadette