Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swimming in River Aare

Swimming area Marzili in the back the Swiss Federal Parliament


 you can also take a rubber boat from Thun... very easy as you can see

Berne has a beautiful river called Aare. In summertime people walk up the river path and then float down to the swimming area called Marzili. On a hot day there are thousands of people taking the plunge and enjoying themselves! It is said that sometimes more "heads float down" than people live in the city... here some impressions of yesterday afternoon. What do you think? Come and try it yourself...  you'll LOVE it!

Emilie's daughter

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  1. One would only know this is switzerland, if you have been there. The summers swimming in the lakes.. Its so great. Of course i swim in the zee in Lucern with my grandchildren.. havent done it for some years now, as they are older .
    lovely photos