Friday, November 11, 2011

Art in the neighbourhood

In our neighbourhood is the auction house Dobiaschofski. Here you can browse their website and their catalogue for the auction that is taking place right now till November 12. When they displayed this Lady in their window I was blown away! I loved her appearance, the red legs, how she caught my eye! She reminded me of Picasso's art which I adore very much since I was a child. So I had to take these pics. Unfortunately Dobischofski let their shutters down at night and so I had to photograph during the day. That is the reason for the reflection. Hereafter I show you the pic from Dobiaschofski's catalogue:

The artist's name is José de Guimaraes. He is Portuguese. The price starts at Swiss Francs 6'000. Definitely too much for me. 
But now I have this beauty on my blog and I hope you like her too!

Time flies - Friday again! I hope it is a golden day for you!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa:
    Like you we love her too and she is, as you point out, so very 'after Picasso'. He is an artist who we find most interesting and who was always the starting point, as a link between Modern and Contemporary Art, for the tours we gave at The Museum of Contemporary Art here in Budapest.

  2. oh, christa....i love these photos. art in the city floating among the architecture, the buildings, the sky, the people. layers and layers of life and history and art. they are fabulous. thank you