Monday, November 14, 2011


Yesterday my internet did not work but today everything seems to be alright again! 
I hope you missed me... hehehe

The other day we went to Hotel Krone in Giswil and had a delicious meal and look what unusual chandelier they have there. It is made out of laddles, forks and various glasses and looks absolutely stunning in the restaurant. In Hotel Krone cultural events take place all year round and their hotel rooms were furnished by artists. So each and everone has a different look. Their products and some of their wines are from the region. We had wine which was produced in Kägiswil. It is a village at the foot of Brünig pass and we were astonished that it is possible to grow such a tasty, beautiful wine there.

 I am so glad that you visited me today! 

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa:
    We are delighted to know that full service has been resumed once more. We too experience internet failure from time to time for no apparent reason. Most annoying.

    The chandelier is highly unusual and, of course, most suitable with its component parts for a restaurant.

  2. What a most interesting and unique chandelier.. someone has a vivid imagination!
    Here in the country, the internet often goes off..storms etc.,
    I love going out in Switzerland.. the hotels with their opulent furnishings and of course..fantastic cuzine..

    have a good monday..
    best wishes val

  3. i am not very glad in chandelier...
    i always feel they gonna fall on my head ; P

    but those ones are very unique : )

  4. Nice chandelier!!
    kisses, Cristina

  5. I have seen a beautiful clock made in the same way, using cutlery, in England, but the ambiance was, let's say... a little less sophisticated! It was in a Fish and Ship Shop! But it was really beautiful!

    I love the pics!