Friday, November 25, 2011

Ready for the staircase...

The lights reflecting in the living room window

We live in a five-storey house. Our neighbors are beautiful but I dare say not very creative... Luckily! They appreciate me arranging the garden and flowers and decorating the staircase. For this advent season I have prepared this wreath with little lights. I may add some white clay stars later depending on my mood. I'll hang it up on December 1st sometime during the night. So when people go out to work in the morning they will be surprised. I'll make some photographs when it has definitely found it's place. Till then it brings us pre-Christmas feelings into the entry. 

In the meantime Christmas preparations go on! Secretly!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. it that the inside of your house! wow! lovely , creative, cozy : )
    can i come for a visit? ; )

  2. It's so beautiful, Christa! I love the wreath with the lights! I decided I'll do the same, as I have bought some battery operated lights which will do the job perfectly! I just love the idea!

    Your house looks beautiful and very stylish! I find by experience (through my friends) that German (or Swiss, in your case, but you must have a German background!) people have a style of their own, they have class... and I love that!

    CIAO, Christa! New recipe this weekend!

    Con affetto


  3. WOW - I love your entrance!
    Stilvoll aber nicht verkünstelt. Klasse!

    ♥ Franka

  4. beautiful...i love the first photo. absolutely lovely!