Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red hydrangeas

Yesterday I was in a park here in Berne when a copuncil gardener trimmed hydrangeas. I asked him whether I could have some of the flowers. And here you see the ones I carried home. Unfortunately I could not take more as I had three shopping bags in my hands. However, I am thrilled to have these in our house now. I love their deep red color. They will dry and bridge the time till spring.

We will go downtown today, have coffee somewhere, read the newspaper and when we return I will write the first Christmas card of this year.

Have yourself a merry little Saturday as well...

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  


  1. i love them!
    i like a hint of red everwhere really. at home, clothes or flowers...
    its a happy colour with a contegious power ...

    enjoy your day : )

  2. You have arranged them so beautifully.
    Thank you for mentioning Christmas cards, I must purchase some.

    Helen xx

  3. Christa! I have at least twelve enormous hydrangeas in my garden. I love them so much! I have seen red ones in someone's garden, but not in garden centres. I have pink and blue ones.

    Love your photos, Christa!

    PS: the lantern didn't arrive... maybe it got lost on its way? Shame, but don't worry!



  4. Your photos are excellent of the Hydrangears Christa. What a beautiful colour. I am truly impressed with your photography..
    I love the flower. I used to have them in my old garden, light and dark blue.
    As always, i love reading your blogs.
    Hope you had a relaxing saturday.
    Wish you a happy Sunday
    best wishes