Thursday, December 22, 2011


I wanted to make this kind of wreath since November. My plan was to go to the park nearby to get some boxwood. Today when I went to work I passed a gardener's lorry. He had freshly cut boxwood in the back of his little truck. My eyes got really wide and I asked whether I could have some branches. He said that he would throw it all away and that I could have as many as I liked. I tucked some in my bag and when I got home that is what came out... I'll do some more so every window gets that delicate Christmassy touch.

Sometimes one just needs a little patience...

I hope you have many happy thoughts today!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

PS. Have you seen that candleholder?
 I had it on my balcony all summer long and now it is rusty and has a vintage look which I like a lot.
 Next summer I'll be bringing many more outside...


  1. How lovely Christa.. love the little candle holder, adds a special touch.

  2. Love wreaths, and yours is beautiful. Good you had the courage to ask the gardener.
    Wishing you a shimmering, beautiful Christmas,

  3. Christa

    Ask and it shall be given. I love your wreath

    Helen xx