Thursday, December 15, 2011

My advent calendar

This is the view from my kitchen balcony when night has fallen. The windows of our neighbours' houses remind me of an advent calendar. It is a pleasure to see these people leading their lifes: They cook, they have guests, they kiss, they iron, they work, they dance, they read, they eat and drink, they clean and scrub, they are tired in the morning, they are wearing pyjamas, are naked, they sleep or can't sleep, they have parties, people move in and out...  I guess they see the same when they watch towards our house.

It is wonderful to share this world with other people, isn't it?

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. Hello Christa:
    This is absolutely magical. What fun it must always be. We love it!

  2. Indeed, one wonders what goes on , over the other side.
    In some way or another, we all have to do the same things.!!
    Of a summer time, sitting at a cafe table..i watch the people go by, and wonder--what do they do..!! where do they work!
    And life ticks on.

    Happy day Christa

  3. although i enjoy my life in the Norwegian countryside,
    i do miss the stories windows in a city tell...

    enjoy your day dear Christa : )

  4. viel Leben im Haus...einmalig...und ja, wie bei einem beleuchteten Adventskalender...

    Lg Pünktchen Punkt

  5. Dear Christa...

    This is just SO BEAUTIFUL! There is something about windows and the thought of what might be going on behind each one of them... so many lives, so many people, so many stories.

    Rhis has to be one of the most ROMANTIC photos I have ever seen!

    Brava, Christa!



  6. This is my favorite advent calendar ever. Such a lovely and creative way to look at it.

  7. Das erinnert mich an den Hitchcock Film "Das Fenster zum Hof" ;-)
    Aber als ich noch in der Stadt lebte, hatte ich auch solche "Einblicke"!