Friday, December 2, 2011

What Emilie's daughter saw yesterday morning

... and why she came too late to work in the morning.

Impressions of Kocherpark on my way to work. I was fascinated by the late autumn atmosphere yesterday morning. All was calm and the whole park belonged to me. Have you seen the small pink flowers? A little bit of spring at the beginning of December and I felt what a happy and blessed life I have.

I hope the world belongs to you today and do not worry if you arrive a little bit later at work for the sake of happiness!

Emilie's daughter

photos published in the order they were taken


  1. Have a happy Friday - parkowner!


    Lovely impressions!

    ♥ Franka

  2. this is a collectio of such amazing photos ...
    i understand you were late at work!
    and what a lovely surprise to see a mention on me! : ) : )
    happy to have inspired you
    Thank you !

  3. Hi Christa,
    When i see the beautiful photos you take of Switzerland and your surroundings where you live.. it takes me to times when i visited such lovely places.. i miss that.. maybe time to visit again.
    what beautiful winter flowers.. the red berries look like holly!
    Here too it seems spring will be early.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend..

  4. Beautiful winter trees and flowers!!! Great pics!

    Have a nice weekend Christa!

  5. What a beautiful way to work! I believe it makes the everyday duty much more pleasant :-)

  6. Dear Christa! The place is just wonderful! I had no idea places like this existed in Switzerland! So BEAUTIFUL!

    And I love the berries on the holly! I have holly in my garden, but no berries. I might have to pinch some from the neighbours (surprise, surprise!)for Christmas! Would I ever do that?????????

    I love all the photos! BEAUTIFUL!



  7. Magnificent berries and flowers,
    I love your photos.

    I am laughing here as I was late for work,
    it was extremely frosty here last night
    so this morning the roads were icy and dangerous
    but the morning sky,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Oh my goodness it was just beautiful.
    I wish I had my camera with me on my journey
    but between driving slowly, looking at the sky
    and concentrating on arriving safely
    maybe it was just as well
    as I might never have arrived!!!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.