Monday, December 19, 2011

What a weekend!

The weekend started on Friday evening with the traditional Christmas aperitif at Luana's:

That's how neat and beautiful the buffet looked in the beginning...

That is how it looked it the end... 

Luana's napkin... she always wears red lipstick....

I like neat tables but when I have guests and the table looks like people enjoyed their food and had a memorable evening I am even more happy....
Thank you Luana, Laura. Ernesto, Teresa, Alex, Paulo, Lorenza, Vincenzo, Naomi, Moritz, Domenic for such a stimulating and funny evening.

On Saturday Paul made this delicious Advent pizza for us:

Before baking....

After baking.... Yummy!!

On Sunday we went

to the forest to collect some decoration material
It was cold and snowing... MAGIC!

Hubby carrying deco material like ivy, fir branches etc.

Crossing river Aare on the way home

In the afternoon we went to town with our boys to get the X-mas tree

First we had a cup of hot chocolate in the Christmassy pub

Choosing the tree - a family matter

Finally we found OUR tree, it was grown in a village nearby
so it is practically CO2-neutral! Great!

Good luck do I have three strong boys

The tree is waiting on our balcony now 
We will put it up on December 23 in the evening. The decoration is a family matter as well.

Later on I hung up the ivy wreath Paul had made for me:

Isn' it beautiful! To crown the day more snow fell in the evening. It was all so cozy and warm. 

I am very much looking forward to the forthcoming Christmas week. 

Hope you too!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. What a lovely weekend with friends and family!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Hello Christa:
    What a wonderful post.

    Like you, we do like everything to be neat and tidy and the buffet at the start looked most attractive so we are not at all surprised that by the end it was looking somewhat the worse for wear, But that is, as you remark, always a good sign.

    Both Paul's Christmas wreath and his 'tree' pizza look wonderful. He is clearly a most creative person. And we love the idea of the family excursion to choose the Christmas tree and also, as in Hungary, it is not brought in or decorated until the 24th. So magical, in our view.

    Snow too! Although we can claim that the first snow of the year fell on the Buda hills this weekend and there is the promise of more later this week.

  3. It all looks lovely. Your table and the settings.. its great when people enjoy themselves.
    Such lovely photos of the christmas trees and your boys ..all of you together.. and your patio decorations... the swiss are very inventive with those things..its great.
    super blog ..
    have a lovely evening.
    val x

  4. I love your magical snowing christmas pics. Just beautiful! And your christmas tree pizza looks so yummy. Leahx

  5. Die Pizza sieht großartig aus.
    Auf den Schnee bin ich ja echt neidisch ;-)
    Unseren Baum haben wir auch gestern geholt.
    Einen schönen Abend noch wünscht dir

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! And that christmas tree pizza is way cool :)
    xx Marie