Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WIntery impression

My neighborhood today at 8 o'clock this morning! 
Unfortunately the temperatures are going to rise and the snow will turn into rain. 
I'll go out now and enjoy every flake falling on my head!

Have a beautiful day!

Emilie's daughter


  1. Lovely early morning photo of the snow christa..
    What a shame it will rain.!
    I remember those mornings on my visits to Lucern.. Thank god nina and i have the same shoe size..so i could use her winter boots and heavy coat to go out..
    Enjoy the rest of the falling snow when you go out.
    I loved the photo of you and Paul buying your tree.
    I am getting excited now.. Nina will arrive on saturday..
    enjoy your snowy day..
    love val x

  2. That's a lovely view, made me think back on all my years in Oslo. I do miss it at times, especially the lights and the tram, and my balcony. My early morning photo now wood be all dark forest.