Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Calendar boys...

GET TWELVE London taxi cabbies have gone the extra mile, stripping completely naked for a calendar in aid of the Suzy Lampugh Trust.

Talk about naked ambition.
The dozen drivers are hoping to raise thousands of pounds for charity by going the full monty for the calendar, which is now on sale.
It coincides with today's announcement of London's new female safety initiative, the 'Closed Door Policy' also launched by GetTaxi.
All its drivers have pledged to wait until female passengers are safely behind closed door before leaving the drop-off address.
The black cab drivers - recognised as a symbol for safe travel in the capital - picked the charity for its work promoting personal safety.
The desktop calendar is only £3, and all for a good cause.
Get yours at gettaxi.co.uk
What else can I say? 

I'll be visiting London in a few days...

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  


  1. A calander for a good cause.. Some sexy men there..
    Have a great trip to London Christa..
    you will be able to buy one.
    take lots of lovely photos..
    see you soon

  2. A good cause, but the men are rubbish! Give me Kevin Kostner ten years ago, or Alain Delon when he was young or a young brando or Al Pacino.

    The very white fat one on the right is... well... fat!

    I have to say: London cabbies are very, very nice people, so, Christa, if you really do go to London you'll fined them very helpful and funny.

    Good luck!

    A funny photo!


    ANNA (you can wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow- I am a Capricorn like your husband!)

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