Sunday, January 8, 2012

Slow flowers...

I had bought these amaryllis in November and planted them immediately hoping they would bloom before or at Christmas... Instead they are starting to bloom just now. On top of it I thought I had bought flowers in white instead one is red now... Surprise, surprise!

I must admit though that in the meantime I am not discontent at all. I have put away all the X-mas decor (apart from the little lights you see on the photograph) and the house is pretty naked now. So these two beauties add to a friendly atmosphere. There are five more peduncles that have appeared so more glam to come...

Bye-bye, see you tomorrow!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Amarillis are a lovely plant. I have never attempted to grow them.. yours looks so lovely Christa.. Red is also a lovely colour.
    enjoy your sunday

  2. I love them, too, and always buy red ones.
    Christa, I am always so intrigued by the view out of your windows. There's that little shop, with red windows or blinds, then a bus stop, I think, and sometimes people walking their dogs. I love that street, Christa! It's really beautiful!



  3. Ich mag Amarillis sehr, kaufe mir aber nie welche!
    In rot sieht sie auch wunderschön aus!

  4. That's a fun surprise (the color) and nice to have something special after Christmas!

  5. ...ja das Leben ist doch immer wieder eine Überraschung...da neckt dich die Blume doch nur ein bisschen...vielleicht ist sie ja schon im Fasching, und hat sich nur ein bisschen verkleidet...

    LG Pünktchen Punkt