Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cooking and having good thoughts

I need a rest beside the stove today. 
Paul and I will have visitors on Sunday and therefore we will be preparing all day.  
I like to cook and then from time to time sit down and think about those people I am cooking for.
 I do not like to prepare meals for just anybody - it is always for people I (we) appreciate for their attitudes towards life, their humor, their intelligence, their love, their ideas, how they manage their lives in difficult situations etc. I feel I can always learn and see new things and bring me and my life into question. I see what is good and I see what could be different. 
Sometimes I change and often I just let it go knowing that I have chosen my life the way it is.

I believe this Saturday will be a lucky one!

  ♥ Emilie's daughter  ♥

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  1. Have a marvelous weekend sweetie!!!I envy you becouse there is nothing better than a meal with friends!!

  2. Dinner is always great with dear comfortable friends.
    Enjoy your evening Christa..
    I can smell it here.

  3. So beautiful sitting area for rest and superiors thoughts !! Happy Weekend

  4. Christa,

    You are very lucky to have friends nearby, you can cook for! To me, there's nothing better than planning and cooking a meal for people I love.

    Are you sure you are not Italian, Christa? I love your thoughts and feelings. I wish I were coming, too, for the food, which I'm sure will be super, but, most of all, for the wonderful compaby!

    I love the image, Christa! It's cosy and homely!

    I wish you and Paul lots of fun in the kitchen!




  5. Hello Christa:
    There is, we agree, nothing better than to share good food with friends. It is one of life's simplest but surely most treasured pleasures.

    We are sure that your friends will appreciate the lengths to which you have gone on their behalf and we can imagine the fun and laughter that you will all have around the dining table. Enjoy!!

  6. i love what you've written today. it is so true. to surround ourselves with people who's lives we admire. and share time and meals with such people....that is a great gift.
    have a wonderful weekend.