Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea rex...

If you are not afraid of Tea Rex you can buy him here.

See you next time!

  ♥ Emilie's daughter  ♥

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  1. hello Christa..

    This is ironic.. i bought the traditional tea immerser.. as i was given loose cylon tea at xmas.. little t rex is super.. enjoy your tea..

    I have not blogged.. will try and get back to it ..i have had to start all over.. Rosa is in my surname too ..but at the moment am busy with my new studio addition ..
    warm regards
    val x x x

  2. Nee, der ist ja süß!
    Ist das ein Tee-Ei?

  3. ...wau das ist ja super cool...da denk ich mir würden sogar meine Jungs mit Tee trinken beginnen...

    LG Pünktchen Punkt

  4. Hello Christa:
    What fun, although rather green for our liking, especially when viewed in the breakfast tea!

    This rather reminds us of a new coffee shop which has opened in Brighton called the Sleepy Dinosaur, complete with plastic 'sleeping' animal in glass case in window of said establishment. We cannot see ourselves having coffee there!

  5. i had a post about tea and tis Tea Rex should be with the challenge!
    adorable : )

  6. Love him!
    But - I would need a new tea mug to enjoy him fully!
    Lilli :)

  7. Hi Christa

    Initially I thought it was a gecko/lizard in your tea. I have many little lizard here, so I shall pass on Tea Rex
    Fun :}