Thursday, February 16, 2012

Los Angeles Times

Some time ago I discovered the food site of Los Angeles Times. Findable are recipes of all kinds and the photographs that go with them are mouthwatering and tempting. If you do not know yet what to cook for dinner tonight you may find an idea here.

I hope your day smells from warm sticky toffee cake with ice-cream!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  ♥ 

via LAT


  1. This is much too tempting Christa.. It looks and sounds delicious.
    My son Miguel, is in Los Angeles at the moment..

    Have a good day Christa.
    xxxx val

  2. Thank you for sharing this info. I love finding good places for new food ideas. This picture is wonderful!

  3. Oh yum, what is that!

    Thanks for your recent comments. I am not so sure that the pictures illustrated exactly what I wanted, but maybe I will just have to paint some things? Have a lovely weekend, love Linda x

  4. Oh my goodness that looks absolutely delicious!!!

    Would love it.............