Saturday, February 18, 2012

Michelle Obama talks about her husband

Nothing to add to these internal details! 

Today we are going for a long walk in the snow with destination Gstaad

Keep moving, keep loving, keep faith - not only today!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  


  1. Michelle is a lovely woman.. I saw this interview on tv.
    I think they are both an exceptional couple.. I like them a lot.

    Enjoy your walk in the snow....and Gestaad..
    Amy , Nina's daughter is at in the area of Gestaad on a school ski trip..

    Have a lovely weekend. Christa..
    xxx val

  2. You lucky, lucky woman, Christa! I wish I could for that walk with you! I am so jealous!GSTAAD?The envy is killing me!

    Let's keep our fingers crossed for Obama, in November (election) I hope the American people vote for him!

    Obama has a lovely family and is a nice, somehow normal and kind of "ordinary" guy. I like him!




  3. Hej,
    ich bedaure es immer wieder, die Show von Ellen nicht sehen zu können. Mir gefällt ihre Art!
    Obama finde ich toll!