Thursday, February 9, 2012

Riutilizzabile per...

This beautiful wallet I received from my friend Maja. She sewed it out of a plastic shopping bag she bought somewhere in Italy! Maja even lined it! I use it as an etui for my lipsticks in my handbag. 
When I am traveling with Paul and the boys it functions as a  first aid kit. So far I could always find a remedy for the bruises and little injuries guys sometimes have... even if it was just a placebo...

This wallet simply is great! Thank you Maja!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter   ♥ 


  1. ...tolle Idee, das Täschchen aus einer Plastiktüte herzustellen - ein hübsches Geschenk, das du da erhalten hast. Ich hoffe es ist wirklich so grün, wie es auf dem Foto aussieht...herrlich...

    LG Pünktchen Punkt

  2. Hello Christa:
    What a marvellous and pretty way to recycle a plastic bag! Your friend, Maja, clearly is incredibly creative and skilled. It is so satisfying to have something which is both useful and beautiful.

  3. That is so charming and clever.

  4. A thoughtful useful gift from your friend maja..
    handy for all sorts too.
    send regards Christa.

  5. A beautiful and versatile gift.
    Helen xx