Monday, February 13, 2012

Start your Monday...

with something that lifts your spirits! 
For me it is the cup of coffee or two or three...

Hope you have got something that brings joy into your day!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  

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  1. Oh !
    I love your post , all of them but especially when
    you drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate !
    Have a lovely week

  2. I am having one of those right now... although it doesn't look that good. It tastes good ; )

    enjoy your week!

  3. Yummy!!!

    Love frothy coffee!

    Happy Monday my friend, hope you are having a good one.

    x Fiona

  4. That coffee looks yummy! I also like to start my day off with some coffee :)
    xx Marie

  5. That looks like a good cup of cappuccino.. I like one now and again.
    Its a bright beautiful day here.. but , cold cold cold.

    Christa. I have not seen you yet.. !
    Demie and Lisa (in my wild eden) have found me..

    you must click on the val's alentejo that The others are dead.. I dont know how to remove them or activate them..
    I hope you can get to me. miss your comments.
    big hugs
    val xx

  6. I am with you on the coffee or three! Love Linda x

  7. Hello Christa

    That coffee looks delicious and I could use one now.
    Do you make your own cappucino. I do. I have a great little deLonghi machine and it makes the best cappucinos.

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Helen x

  8. What a beautiful shot, it looks so yummy and I'm not even a coffee drinker. My drink is tea, but the reset of the family mainlines coffee. Thanks for stopping by have a great v day, Laura