Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stay warm

Stay warm today!

    ♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa.
    Are you home yet!
    Waiting to see your photos of london.
    The weather here is bright and sunny ..but temperatures dropped 6o
    I havent seen you for a while..!!
    send love val x x

  2. HELLO CHRISTA! CIAO! I love the picture! I have set it as my new desktop background! Red, black and white are the colours I like wearing( especially black!)

    No snow here, yet, but it's quite cold!


    BIG, MASSIVE ( do you like this word?) HUGS...



  3. Message for VAL:

    "I rejoined your blog, as I had disappeared as a follower, tried commenting again, but my comments do not appear. Emails also are returned.

    I'm letting you know, so you are aware of the fact that I'm trying and that I do read your blog, but cannot access it! Something to do with your settings?

    Christa, will please pass this on to Val? I wanted to put it in "reply" but the computer doesn't want to do it!



  4. uhhhhhhh....wenn es so bitterkalt ist, dann Versagen auch meine besten Lederhandschuhe.....naja, der ganze Körper muss eingepackt sein wie einnEskimo....mein Gott sind eirempfindlich oder:) -aber die Herzhandschuhensind sehr sehr Trends!mLg an dich Tanja

  5. Love that picture, so sweet! We should all be connected like that! Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments. To answer your question I' using a Nikon for my pictures, Laura

  6. Hi Christa,

    I hope the weather is not too bad for you.

    It is very cold here but we have escaped the awful snow and severe weather which is across Europe.

    Love the photo you posted, perfect for Valentines day !!!!