Thursday, March 22, 2012


In a few days I'll heading for Paris.
 From the You Tube video I know where to go with my sweet tooth - 
but what should I see and visit which isn't mentioned in any travel guide 
or is mentioned but should definitely not be missed? 
What secrets are there and would you disclose them to me? Please...

Merci beaucoup!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics by me


  1. The best guide often is *par hazard*!


    ♥ Franka

  2. Hello Christa:
    How splendid. We do so hope that you have a really wonderful time. Paris in the spring, what could be better?

    LaDurée, our favourite coffee/light lunch place is a must and they make the most delicious macaroons!

  3. Dear Christa - love Paris - I cannot recommend any choc/coffee shops, but for me it is cemeteries. I have written a post on Père Lachaise, but alas I have not got round to posting it yet! If is of interest to you, I could perhaps post it before you go?

  4. Oh my God !!Really???Are you going to Paris?Lucky you!!Can i join you??I think you will find the right places to go Christa!!!Have a great and safe trip!!!Ohhh you will share with us photos!!xxxx

  5. Not been to Paris for a long time. I must go back! I love Montmartre... so much history and atmosphere!

    Do not eat too many crepes, Christa! They are very bad for you! Ah... and onion soup is a passion killer, so... think before you eat!