Monday, March 26, 2012

Style over the age of 50

As you all know I could not move much last weekend and so I was reading every single magazine/newspaper/book I could get hold of.

In one magazine I found something absolutely interesting. The title was "Masochism from the wardrobe". The article describes what women in Switzerland wear after they have turned 50:

Shapeless clothes with odd patterns. The writer (a woman) says that someone who designs clothes like this must hate women... However, in the article Iris Apfel is presented as one of the laudable exceptions. Iris Apfel (who does not know her?) is 91 and has never given up searching for style and wearing it:

I think she is incredible and her style very individual and distinctive. Like a piece of art alive. She has given her opinion on some style questions:

Upper arms: Until recently it was difficult to find dresses with long sleeves. Wobbly arms, which we all get during our lives, should be covered or only be shown if the arms are well-trained and well-shaped. 

Heels: It is very difficult to find nice flat shoes for festive occasions. Sooner or later one is fed up with ballerinas. If you are used to, you can wear high heels as long as you can walk in them. But Iris Apfel says that she would break her neck if she still walked with them.

Skirts: If you have got nice legs, you can show them, no matter how old you are. The skirt must cover the leg to the knee though. A mini with 50 is ridiculous.

Make-up: The older one gets, the less make-up should be applied. Iris Apfel wears lipstick only. They should be fair in color - according to her orange or red is best for her. Older women should not wear pale colors and eye shadow is a no go! 

You may agree or not but I believe from time to time it is important to look into the mirror with a critical glimpse and ask yourself whether you should update your looks. (I will do that tomorrow morning). For how long have you had your hairstyle? It's not about trends but how to look good and ergo feel good.  I know it's a contradictable topic and not the only issue in our lives (luckily) and it is a matter of culture as well (you may get arrested here in Berne with clothes which are normal to wear in New York). Individual style is not necessarily a question of money. Iris Apfel,  for instance, wears junk jewellery and feels great in it. A few classical pieces like some pullovers, jeans, a trenchcoat, a leather jacket, a white blouse will do (quote by Inès de la Fressange). One should not stop experimenting and not be afraid of mistakes and wrong purchases. It's about moving and not the standstill. A question of shape?Nope! No! 

In the article the blog "Advanced Style" by Ari Seth Cohen is mentioned. He roams the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks. It is so encouraging!

Take care and be bold and individual in whatever you do!

♥ Emilie's daughter 

PS 1: Those who would like to read the original article can do that  in "Das Magazin No. 12" dated 30.03.2012
PS 2: Check out Inès de la Fressange's new book Parisian Style.


  1. Good morning Christa,
    How is your leg ? I think you had a resting weekend !It is very interesting your post today about clothes and I agree with you !
    Have a nice week !

  2. weiss ich auch wieder, weshalb ich viele meiner Kleider selber mache...ich hoffe, dass ich das auch noch mache, wenn ich über 50 bin...

    Liebe Grüsse Pünktchen Punkt

  3. Christa, This is such a true blog. I think ms.apfel looks fantastic, I adore her glasses. I admire individuality, its what makes us.
    My mother always taught me. Dont be mutton dressed up like lamb!! its true.
    I have always dressed with my own style.
    I recently found that all my shoes are ballarina and flats...and went shopping for a new handbag..finally! and I found a nice little court shoe with a managable heel.
    I bought some dark brown stretchy genes..and a new top with tiger print(appropriate) never had one before... i felt good in it.. and received lots of comments.. It gets harder after 60.
    Happy Monday
    get better soon.

  4. Such a cool lady! I agree it's important with nice clothes that you really like.


  5. Hello Christa, what a great post. I need some help with my image (now 51).I don't tend to spend much time worrying what I look like, or much money on clothes, but I think it's time that I did! I could do with a makeover!!

    So sorry to learn about your poor leg. I hope you are resting it and not working too hard. Your apartment is really pretty and you have lovely things. I love your white dishes and your
    table linen. Have a wonderful week, and a speedy recovery, love Linda x

  6. I'm impressed!!!There is no age in style!!!And if she can do it, we can do it!!!I'm 40 years old and this was inspiring!!!How was Audrey in her sixties???Well ladies Christa gave us a push!!!Lovely just lovely!!!
    Kisses my dear Christa!!!

  7. I love the whole Advanced Style movement. Have your seen the advanced style You Tube video? If not, go watch it, more amazing women. I love her stacked bracelets. Thanks for stopping by, Laura