Saturday, March 24, 2012

Working and dining room and a mishap

This is our dining and working room after last week's spring cleaning. 
Unfortunately the photos are a bit dark... 

Then I had an accident yesterday afternoon. I made an errant step while carrying large boxes down to the cellar and hurt my foot. It's swollen and it hurts badly. Whether it is a ligament rupture or a ligament strain is not yet clear. Fact is that I can't walk very well and need walking sticks and a bandage. I had to buy new shoes which are just comfortable but not nice at all. When I left the medical office with all the utensils I joked that I feel really rejuvenated and sexy... On top of it I do not know whether I can go to Paris next weekend... Please keep your fingers crossed that the healing goes quickly!

I hope everything is OK with you and that you are having a splendid weekend!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Dear Christa - that is just awful, so sorry. Hope it is not as bad as you think and that your Paris trip will not be affected.
    I have just posted the Paris cemetery for you, but you certainly will not be able to walk around there.
    Get better soon, and do take care.

  2. Dearest Christa.
    I was so sorry to read about your accident. If you rest..lets hope that you can make it to Paris for your trip.
    I have just finished reading Rosemary's post about the Paris Cemerery.. its a fascinating post.
    Your photos are super and your dining room looks so lovely..
    I send you wishes for a speedy recovery.

  3. Poor Christa... I do hope you get better, so you can have your little Paris break and eat lots of onion soup!

    I really hope there's nothing broken and that you can have your well deserved break! Poor you!

    I had to take my husband to the hospital, as he has been very sick, due to a Penicillin allregy> I was truly beginning to think we might not be able to go away, but... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Please get better... I feel sorry for you!

    PS: the view out of your windows is MAGNIFICENT! Who needs paintings when you can look at such beautiful buildings?

    BIG HUGS... get well soon!



  4. Dear Christa ,I am so sorry for your accident ..I hope you to rest and doing well !Please, drink oranges juices,milk and eat cheese. I am sure that your trip will be done !!Your living room is so beautiful and your new shoe also !!!
    My thoughts near you

  5. Hello Christa:
    Oh dear, we are so sorry to read of your accident. These things happen so easily but are so disruptive to normal life. We do so hope that your travel plans will not be affected as you were looking forward to Paris so much. Our fingers and toes are crossed that it will still be possible.

    Your dining room which also doubles as a workroom is such a beautiful space with such an interesting outlook. It certainly would be a pleasure to eat in there and gaze at the view. Lovely!

  6. Dear Christa--I am so sorry! That must be painful. I have a feeling you will get to Paris. Fingers crossed.

    Your dining room workroom is beautiful. Those windows! Shelves! The table!

    See how many exclamation points you've drive me to use. :)


  7. Your home is beautiful but I feel sorry about your foot. I will cross my fingers. I hope you will have a nice weekend.


  8. Hi Christina,
    So sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it wasn't your ligaments and you have been able to still go to Paris. I tore my ligaments and I was out of action for a week and I can still get pain occasionally 3 years later!

    Your dining room is beautiful and so was your lounge in your previous post.I have been away so I am catching up on all I have missed!

  9. Hello Christa

    Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear of your accident and like your followers will be keeping you in prayer that you heal fully and your trip to Paris will go as scheduled.
    I must say the crutches and support are very cool and youthful. Your dining room and neighbourhood is just bautiful.
    Sincere good wishes

    Helen xx

  10. Dear Christa... GET WELL SOON! You have not posted anything, today... I hope you are not too poorly!

    Thinking of you with love and affection...



  11. Dear Christa,

    I wish you a Happy Sunday. Hope your foot is feeling a little better. forgot to say to you how chic I thought your crutches are..!!
    take care
    much love

  12. Beautiful home!!!

    Gute Besserung!
    ♥ Franka

  13. You poor thing! I hope you have some lovely reading material to puruse and enjoy while you heal. Fingers crossed for you that Paris will still happen. The more you rest the quicker you'll heal.

    Your home is gorgeous, Christa. And that quaint view out of those windows!! So lovely.

    Heal well x

  14. Oh my God what happened to you????Are you alright????I hope it doesn't hurt anymore cause the pain is something i can't stand!!!Not for me or anyone else!!!I hope you will get well soon!!!Your tidiness remind me of Elna!!!The windows are so lovely!!And your home so sunny!!!Kisses!!!xx