Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catching up...

 If you click on this photograph you'll be able to read the lastest issue of Adore Home Magazine.

If you click on the photograph you'll be able to read the latest issue of Heart and Home Magazine.

We are back from a wonderful trip to Paris.
 At the moment there are many other things to do but I'll be catching up with posting. Meanwhile you may enjoy the above magazines.

If you prepare for a Easter holiday yourself then have fun and make the most of  these days off and out!

 ♥ Emilie's daughter  


  1. Hello Christa:
    We do so admire your mastery of technology that, at the click of a switch, so to speak, we are transported into the world of 'Adore Home' magazine. We love the shocking cerise to be found on pages 16 and 19, and elsewhere, and will return for a closer look later on.

    We are delighted to know that you are safely returned from Paris and will hope to hear more of your adventures there.

  2. I hope you had a really nice time in Paris. What I see now of the magazines me like *smile*.


  3. Hi Christa,
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Paris, and I loved the magazine especially about the coast house.
    Just to let you know that I've passed on a blog award for your lovely blog. If you pop over to mine you can pick up the details. I do enjoy reading your blog.
    Sarah x