Saturday, April 28, 2012

Geranium market in Berne

bought some of the pink ones

and some of these

Bernese woman in traditional dress

Poor,  patient guy...

This is for Anna from A taste of Italy

Still patient...

The market takes place in front of the Parliament

After all that hustle and bustle relaxing with coffee and  newspaper...

When you buy flowers at the market they are delivered to your house free of charge

and when I got home they were already waiting for me

Some aperitif with my lover in the evening sun
with tomato bruschette and homemade ricotta
Yesterday the traditional Geranium market in Berne took place. 
I was there very early in the morning before the hustle and bustle. 
Geraniums are not my favorite flowers but nowadays they come in such nice colors that I bought some.

Here summer has hit - temperatures predicted for today: 28° C. 
Last Monday it was snowing and I was wearing my winter coat... 
it seems that these days one has to be capable of adapting...

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Dear Christa - lovely summery post. Soon all of those geraniums will be decorating and trailing from the balconies in Berne - enjoy your 28° C.

  2. Dear Christa
    Very beautiful photos! The traditional market of geraniums are beautiful. And especially do not like me but I have 5 pots, because they give color and is resistant to heat. I am glad for the walk, your coffee and geraniums you bought. I wish your days always be beautiful like this.

  3. Yesterday I also bought some geraniums.

    Your balcony is such a lovely one!!!

    Bon weekend!
    ♥ Franka

  4. Viele Pflanzen und Blumen halten bei mir nicht lange, aber Geranien schon :)
    und eigentlich mag ich rote und rosa (die hell-rosa Variante in Deinen Bildern ist echt hübsch) Geranien zusammen im Topf. Wir haben noch keinen Garten, aber ich hoffe, dass sich das noch ändern wird in diesem Jahr. Euer Markt sieht gemütlich aus!
    Herzlichen Gruss, Marjolijn

  5. Hej Christa,
    beneidenswert eure Temperaturen :-) Bei uns aktuell: 7,8°!
    Ich mag Geranuien auch nicht sooo besonders gern, aber so ohne sie geht es auch nicht!
    Sehr schöne Bilder!

  6. Dear Christa... I actually really love geraniums, as they remind me of home, and also Germany, where the houses were literally "decorated" with geraniums! The market looks fantastic! When we are in Campania I always go to markets to buy plants (love them!) This Summer I'm going to buy another lemon tree and I can't wait!

    Thank you for dedicating the picture with the little green truck to me. I really appreciate it! And I love the lady in the traditional Bernese costume (a bit like the Bavarian traditional dress, isn't it?)

    The pots looks lovely, on your balcony, and your lovely snack of bruschetta and ricotta, with Sparkling white wine, looks inviting. It's good to be loved, isn't it?

    BMH&B (hope I got it right!)

  7. I love geraniums--they are so bright and pretty and easy to take care of. And I always associate them with Europe, spilling out of window boxes and pots in ancient towns.

  8. So many lovely flowers but the poor pudel.


  9. That's a lot of Geraniums. I also love markets.


  10. Hello Christa

    How fabulous that the weather co-operated for the geranium festival.

    I love the airy, outdoor feeling you portrayed in this post.

    Wishing you a delightful weekend

    Helen xx

  11. Hi Christa,
    I did enjoy your post on the geranium market, it was beautiful. They aren't my favourite plant but I always buy some as they provide such colour over a long period. The ones you bought are such lovely colours.
    Sarah x

  12. I love the colour of the soft pink flowers so pretty. What great markets.