Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How do guys live?

Living with three men in the household I sometimes  find furnishing and decorating the apartment difficult. On one hand they have no opinion in advance what they like or not like, on the other hand they clearly state if they do not like my deco. On top I think it should be visible that there are guys around here. To me living in white only or in the shabby chic style as I understand it, are rather feminine ways of living. I found out though, that industrial design appeals to my male flatmates and I must say I quite like that style too. The pics above show a house which was furnished by a man. I like the style. I assume he is a person who is engaged in decoration - professionally or as a hobby.

I hope you have started well into this short week - I must say it is a little bit hard...

♥ Emilie's daughter  

pics via web do not remember where from


  1. Dear Christa - I was always out numbered by the males in our house too. 2 sons and H. However, H has always been happy to for me have free rein, and lets me get on with it, which is fortunate as I have quite set ideas♥

  2. I agree, it's not easy. Nice pictures and have a nice day.


  3. Hi Christa,
    It was hard going back to work this morning as you say only a short week! We are equally numbered in our household if you don't count the animals, so I don't have the same problem as you. I love the pictures above hope you can incorporate more ideas in your home that they will find acceptable.
    Sarah x

  4. I like the way the house was decorated, by a guy, who is obviously in touch with his feminine side!
    Both my husband and I love antiques and beautiful things. We also love art and all sorts of things which are nice!
    I like the "smell" of the past and though shabby chic is quite nice, I believe it sometimes looks a bit cheap and it certainly won't last, as it's just a fashion.
    I think your apartment is nice, Christa. It reflects who you are, your lifestyle and your taste!




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