Thursday, April 12, 2012

My boys favourite...

It all started when my boys were 5 or so... every time my mum came to visit us from Lucerne she brought a bag of these: Berliner! Now they have turned 18 and 20 and it has stayed a tradition: When my mum visits us she brings a bag full of these sweet balls! Of course we have tried out other "Berliners" from other bakeries but my boys insist that the ones from Confiserie Bachmann are the best! Before I made these photographs there were eight of them and I assure you when you read this post there will be none left!

Wouldn't it be great to bite in one and have a cappuccino with it? 
Wonderful calories... yesssss....

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Hello Christa:
    Forget the calories and tuck in. These look, and we are sure taste, absolutely delicious.

    And now, most likely, they are no more!!

  2. Lovely photos Christa, and they do look very tempting, or should I say did?

  3. Bolos de Berlim. Berlin cakes we call them here.. I love them, cant have them all the time!
    your look delicious. I can understand why your boys would eat them all. Mine would do the same.
    great photos ..
    happy day to you Christa.. val

  4. They look so tasty that I get really hungry.


  5. They are delicious and very different from the ones I used to buy on my way to school, in Italy.

    The Italian ones were bigger, not too doughy, kind of thin and crispy and filled with custard. TO DIE FOR... I can still taste them if I close my eyes!

    PS: My friend Christa once told me that JFK made a speech in Berlin and made a mistake with the article before the word Berliner. The result was that rather than say *I am a Berliner-person from Berlin" as he meant to say, he actually said:" I am a doughnut!" I wonder if Marylin thought he was that sweet! Maybe not!




  6. Wonderful photos, you have made me hungry for one! I spent most of my childhood in Germany so as a child I was more familiar with the name Berliner rather than doughnuts.