Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm in heaven

I guess after seeing these photographs you are in heaven and feasting on those colors and flowers and arrangements! At least that's what I do... but you can go on if you visit the website of flair flower boutique. Judica and Urs Altmann own a farm close to Berne where all their flowers are grown and these artful arrangements are made. Their shop is just a stone's throw from where I live and therefore frequently visited by me. Hereafter some photographs which I have taken of their displays outside their flower boutique up the road:

It's all so lush and plentiful - that's how I imagine heaven...

For all those who speak German I gladly publish the Garden manifest by Sabine Reber who is a very well-known gardener here in Switzerland and who has just started a blog (unfortunately only in German although she speaks English perfectly. She has lived in Ireland for a very long time and in fact that is where she became fond of gardening).

So I hope I have made up for not blogging for two days and also that I have sweetened your Monday.

Have fun, keep your track and be happy in whatever you do! Live is so precious and beautiful!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Oh that is wonderful--you are lucky to live so close.

  2. Schöne Morgengabe!

    Blumige Grüße!
    ♥ Franka

  3. I wish my garden looked something like those gardens.

  4. Hello Christa! I missed you. Where have you been?

    I love the place you have shown us and now... I know what to do with my old bed. Does that one come complete with Alain Delon, or you have to order him online?

    Jokes apart... beautiful images and really inspiring. I do love the idea of a pond inside an old metal bed frame!

    I have to say (and I know you live in Switzerland!) in Germany I have seen the best plant and flower arrangments ever! Even the bouquets are special!




  5. Dear Christa - what an eclectic mix of flowers and bits of iron and wood. I am sure you have no problem finding things to treat yourself to in that shop.

  6. I'm in love *smile*, the bed with water and flowers. Have a great day.


  7. Quante belle fotografie, bella quella della vasca d'acqua con le testate di un vecchio letto!!Felice inizio settimana....ciao

  8. Special article, sometimes a bit chaotic but the bed is unique.


  9. Dear Christa
    I agree that you are in paradise, I am very glad that you experience the beauty of flowers and I wish I was there ... Thanks to beautify my evening with these wonderful photos ..
    Have a week like these pics

  10. My God I LOVE these images!!! utterly amazing - I want my terrace to look just like this!!! Paula xx