Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rose Villa

Beach Studio and Locations is an agency dedicated to providing shoot spaces for the film and photography industry. All their locations can be viewed through their website. The locations can be filtered by area, interior feature, style and property or by choosing a label at the beginning of their homepage.

I chose Rose Villa. I am besotted by these pictures but there is much, much more and after browsing through you will feel like you had a bottle of the very best Champagne!

Cheers! Lay back and enjoy!

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. Santé!!!

    Traumhaft schön!

    ♥ Franka

  2. I have read that some of these beautiful homes are now being sought after for backdrops and settings for movies or magazine set photos..
    You chose a beautiful home.. I definately would be having champs every day here.
    thanks Christa.. great photography.. I also like the name. As my little cottage is called "Rose Cottage"
    have a wonderful day. I know that your weather is not so good there at the moment.
    we have been told that we will be having 35o for the rest of the week. whew.. if it doesnt rain it pours..only this time.. its gone from cold to the heat of summer.
    Have a happy day.
    val xxx

  3. Hello Christa. oh what joy, I shall explore this website when I get a chance, but Rose Villa is shere perfection! Thank you so much for telling us about it.

    Thankyou for your very kind and encouraging comments on my last post. Painting furniture is my business, I have done it off and on for 25 years, although now I only work in the mornings when my daughter is at school. I do find it quite physical and tiring now, and would quite like a change, but suspect I will carry on for a few years yet! Have a lovely day, with love, Linda x

  4. It is a lovely villa. Beautiful serie of pictures.


  5. I LOVE this house - I've browsed it before as I am also a fan of browsing location agency websites - in fact I'm OBSESSED - lol! Beautiful images, and such perfect styling. This is the perfect image of the English countryside - LOVE it - thanks for sharing. Paula xx

  6. Christa... this house is fantastic and I want it right now! I love everything... all of it and I really envy the people who own it! Wow1

    This must be in UK... so nice!



  7. What a beautiful place!


  8. Dear Christa - it looks like an English property, I wonder if it is?

  9.'s gorgeous. I love the floors in every room - all so beautifully aged, and the outdoor area with the pebbled yard...fabulous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  10. Great space Christa..!!!What a beautiful house!!!But the greatest of all is the outdoor area!!!Amazing!!