Friday, June 8, 2012

Have you ever done a home swap?

We love to exchange homes as it allows you to go on a holiday without being among the tourists but nearly feel like a local.

We have been to really beautiful Basque Country...

Bar in the village

living room of our exchange partners

It was such a lovely experience. 
We made friends with the village, got invited by people and were the famous Swiss...

Next was Amsterdam. We had a wonderful loft in the middle of the city with a gorgeous view. The house was a former grain warehouse which is now transformed into apartments. 

Here the old wall of the warehouse is visible

we saw ships day and night - unforgettable for me... 

Next was Catalunia in Spain. 
A holiday apartment belonging to our exchange partners. We had an incredibly beautiful time with the boys as we were close to the beach, had a cool terrace, a swimming pool and bikes we could use...

We spent a lot of time on this terrace - the boys did also sleep on it...

Now in July/August we are flying to Ireland and that is where we are going to stay:

a wonderful place to cook

only 150 m from the beach

Those hens we have to feed - we will have fresh eggs every day...

The landscape we will be in.

Some people say that they would never want to this. It is alright. For us it is beautiful to give away our home and instead get someone else's. Every time we arrived in these places we had an aperitif waiting for us with specialities of the country. Of course also we had something nice and tasty waiting for them.    And when we came back home - the apartment was nice and sparkly and sometimes even cleaner than when we left. We even visited our exchange partners in Basque Country last summer and had a great time with them!

What is your opinion about swapping homes?

I am curious to know.

♥ Emilie's daughter 

pics via web


  1. We have never done it, but it certainly looks enticing Christa. Are you going to Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland? We have been to the south which is beautiful and very green, but we are going to the north this early Autumn as I have an urge to see the Giant's Causeway.

  2. I've heard about this idea once! I find it great but my bf won't be a big fan ;) How did you start the swap?

  3. I think it's a great idea, Christa! You stayed at some truly beautiful places! I love the one in the Basque Region: beautiful!

    You'll have some fun looking after the hens! That lot seem very friendly.

    I love the idea of finding a little aperitivo, or snack, waiting for you, when you arrive. You are going to love Ireland!

    The whole thing sounds like a wonderful idea, to me. Have fun when you get there!



  4. Sounds like a great idea, you look like you have stayed in some lovely homes.

  5. We have looked at it several times but have never been brave enough to try it! Your house swaps look amazing, and what appeals to me, is as you say feeling more like a local than a tourist. Do you swap cars too?
    Sarah x

  6. Hi Christa, I think it is a wonderful idea, although I think it would be hard to let someone stay in your home, but I suppose those people will be feeling the same about theirs. Where are you staying in Ireland? Love Linda x

  7. We have never done it but you have stayed in such a variety of places with such contrasting homes. The house in Ireland looks lovely and what a picturesque area.

  8. how cool, i have never done it myself. and i dont know if it would be okay with me if others would stay in my appartment.. but its a thing you can definetely think about..
    i like the pictures :))
    lovely blog!

  9. Dear Christa
    Great idea! But here we have not used to do this. When we are going on holiday in mainland Greece or to the islands, even in Europe we lived in a hotel! The last two years, unfortunately due to the crisis we did not go anywhere. However, you has hosted a delicious home made!

  10. I have never done it, but think it's a great idea. I love the grain loft in Amsterdam.

  11. Dear Christa.. I think that this is a wonderful idea. I have thought about doing it.

    The place you have chosen in Ireland looks sublime and beautiful..and the Irish are so friendly and open.
    Your other places too look good choices.

    maybe you can send me the name of the agency. I have my Rose Cottage and my apartment.. maybe i could do a swap ..who knows..
    nice post Christa.
    I can imagine you are so looking forward to your holidays. I wouldnt mind if i was going to cape cod this year.. As Olympia wrote.. times are hard here in the eurozone.

    Happy weekend to you Paul and the boys.
    hugs val..xx

  12. Oh Christa

    I would probably kill myself cleaning my place and be a total wreck before I left here
    and then at the end of the holiday
    I would be in a frenzy trying to clean the holiday home!!!
    I would need a holiday after the holiday!!!

    I hope that you have a wonderful stay in Ireland.
    Am praying that the weather improves and that the sun will shine on you and your family


  13. I've had two holdiay swaps - one in London and one in Cambridge. Both were many years ago and great fun. I should think in these internet days it will be even better as you can exchange lots of photos, so you have a very good idea of what the homes are like. It requires trust on both sides, and i always thought that if anything went wrong at least you know where to find the folks! (Nothing did go wrong with ours!) It is something I want to try again.

  14. Hello Christa

    We have not done this but agree it is a marvelous idea. Friends gave us the use of their home in the Adirondacks where my two artist friends and I are presently. (we shall gift them paintings)
    Accommodation is usually a large expense on holidays and no doubt makes holidaying more possible.
    I suppose one just needs a locked closet to store valuables and treasures.

    You have me thinking hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  15. Hi Christa,

    Ich habe endlich email account für meinen Blog: :-)
    Könntest Du mir bitte schreiben, welche Firma empfehlenswert ist? Danke im Voraus

  16. It's an excellent idea! We could surely save a ton in hotel costs, by cooking comfortably at home and enjoying the rest of the outing things like a local person in that place.

    home swap uk