Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waldegg Castle

I organized our staff outing held three times during summer time and yesterday the first group went on tour. It was a hot and sticky day - but nice all the same.

Among other places,  we visited Waldegg Castle in the Canton of Solothurn. The castle was built as a summer residence between 1682 and 1690 by village major Johann Viktor von Besenval. 1865 the country estate was bought by the patrician family Sury-Büssi. Due to lack of descendants it was formed into a foundation in 1963 and now belongs to the Canton of Solothurn. Today it is a museum and serves as a wonderful place where concerts, exhibitions etc. take place.

You know how chaotic I am - my memory card did not have enough space so I could not take pics of the orangerie and the garden... I am sorry. Today I shall go to the shop to buy a new one and report on more when the next group I am guiding, goes on tour.

Keep smiling!

  Emilie's daughter  

PS.  I would like to mention Sabine Soler who gave me the idea to visit this beauty! 
Thanks a lot!


  1. Waldeg Castle looks absolutely splendid Christa.
    The photos you took are wonderful. How I would love to know more about this charming place.
    I am sure everyone had a good day. The weather looks good too.
    thank you..wait for part two..
    I agree..get another card. I have 2.. I have also not had space on my camera. I now keep an extra chip card in my bag. Christa, what is the make of your new camera. it takes great shots..or should i say you do.
    big hugs ..happy wednesday

  2. Hello Christa

    What an elegant place to spend a day. I love the portraits and that pair of shoes.

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing more images of Waldegg Castle

    Helen xx

  3. What a lovely thing to do! I love the ceilings.

  4. What a great building and lovely garden. The shoes are almost to much *smile*. Have a great evening.


  5. What an interesting place to visit : )

  6. Christa,

    When you run out of space in the memory card, you can delete photos you don't need, so you make space, or, as I think you already do, you can download and file them somewhere on your desktop. You probably already know this!

    The castle is very beautiful and, seeing it, has made me realize how much we don't know about Switzerland... there's certainly more to it than just watches, chocolate and cheese!

    I loved seeing the interiors of the castle... Truly magnificent. Switzerland is a country to discover!



  7. Dear Christa
    I lost a wonderful post. I was outside. There I was ,I had a nice time but from your photo I wanted to be with you .... wonderful museum ....