Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swiss German Basics

When I flew to London last January I found a magazine teaching the foreigners how to speak Swiss German. To me it sounded funny - if not awkward:

"In the German part of Switzerland, people speak a dialect of German (called Swiss German or Schwiizerdütsch). Even for those who speak German, this can be a shock, because it can sound quite different and akward. Nevertheless, I suggest you give it a try. The "ch" is pronounced as in Scottish loch. Mind your throat!

Grüezi (grooe-t-si)

Adieu (Ad-year)

Excuse me!:
Exgüsi (ex-gewsi!)

Where is...?:
Wo dore goht's zum... (vo door-eeh goo-tstzoom...?)

Zum Wohl! (tsoom vol!)

I'll have a beer, please!:
Ich möcht en Stange, bitte! (ich mu-cht an shtang-eh, bit-eeh!)

Should you visit Switzerland - you'll be well prepared with this crash course!

By the way: You might be better off with English...

♥ Emilie's daughter 


  1. I think i wil stick to english.

  2. I suppose it is a bit like the French spoken in Quebec, Canada which is not understood by French people.

  3. Oooops that wasn't easy. Have a great day.


  4. That was fun! Not easy, but fun. Thanks!

  5. really thank to you, I like your post. Wish you a great day.

  6. Hello Christa, oh my goodness it looks tricky. I didn't do German at school, so I don't think I would be too good at this. What language do you speak, apart from very good English?
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comments. I am so glad that I made you laugh. I love it that you would love your home if you were a visitor. Your comments gave me a warm and fuzzy glow, thank you. With much love, Linda x