Friday, June 29, 2012

Two paradises of mine...

Paradise number 1 - our kitchen balcony

Herbs and flowers grow together...

Paradise number 2 - our dining room used as....

workshop... as you can see the chaos of an artist... ;o)

That's what came out...

not perfect but "homemade"...

my lipsticks seem to enjoy it in there...

I am so proud of the lining...
Then my younger son needed...

a pencil case -
These cases are ideal to use up the bits and pieces I kept for years... never know you might need them some time... 

Should you think I am good at sewing... have a look...

I made a mistake... I sewed the zipper inwards... silly me... but one learns from errors - in my case I am not so sure though...

I have more paradises in my life... I'll show you another time.

Do you know where your paradises are?

♥ Emilie's daughter ♥ 


  1. I love your paradises. The balcony looks like a great place to sit and watch the world go by. It is so pretty where you live too.
    I use my kitchen table to sew on, and although it's good, I would love a craft room. Ah but then, I wouldn't be able to get my daughter out of there! Your little purses are lovely. I hate sewing zips in and try other ways to fasten things, so I think you are brave to attempt it.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, love Linda x

    Sorry I almost forgot...thank you for your lovely comments on my post. I agree with you that flowers really make a difference to a room.

  2. It looks lovely Christa.. sunny finaly for you all. You have a great view.
    your little purse is so well made and handy too. You are very clever, i wouldnt even attempt anything like that. well done.
    your son will be happy now, pencils all in one place.
    have a great weekend.
    thanks for your wishes.
    i will be back..just very busy at the moment
    val x x x

  3. I like your paradises and the last one reminds of one of mine *smile*. Great things your are doing and we all make mistakes sometimes. Have a great weekend.


  4. I love balconies, yours is realy cute. You are vey good in sewing, gorgeous staff you made! Thank you very much for your comment in my blog!Have a nice weekend!!

  5. Your balcony with herbs and flowers, and a table for two is paradise.

  6. Anche una piccola terrazza può diventare un piccolo eden! buona giornata e felice fine settimana a Te...ciao

  7. Your balcony really is the perfect spot to relax with your lovely herbs and flowers. Your little make up bag is wonderful - you are so creative and the lining looks so chic too!

  8. Dear Christa
    I think you have created a big paradise in a little balcony . The view , the colours of flowers , the smell from your herbs !! The other paradise is when your hands and mind work together and make beautiful things !!You must very proud !

  9. Yes... it's all very nice, Christa and... if you are bored, you can "spy" on the neighbours, to see what they get up to! It's lovely at night, isn't it, when the lights are on and you can see people eating, studying, watching TV, or having a lovely time with their friends. Fascinating!

    It's an aspect of Italian life I really miss, being nosey! Here all is quiet, all the doors are shut, curtains are closed, everyone is reserved (most of the time, unless you upset them.)Should anybody die, they could turn into mummies, nobody would notice, or they (the neighbours) wouldn't even ring the bell, or knock on the door in case they interfere with the dead person's privacy!

    I love your balcony... it's gorgeous, and your sewing skills are certainly better than mine. But I can paint watercolours and I can write poems. So there: Italy 1-Switzerland 1!




  10. Very nice paradises!!!
    I like the view from your balcony!

    ♥ Franka

  11. The balcony is lovely--I would be drinking lemonade and reading there constantly. And when I wasn't there I'd be at the workshop being creative. Love you little bags and bits of paradise!

  12. Hi! I love your dreamy balcony!!! I wish you lived closer, too, because I would have loved to take photos of you :) Have a great weekend!


  13. Dear Christa, Your balcony is so lovely is that your euphorbia diamond frost I can see? I saw some for sale at the weekend and I bought one it is so pretty.
    Sarah x

  14. Hi Christa

    I love your artist at work table. Bravo. Nothing like the excitement of creativity. You little bags are beautiful. My God child made me a tote bag when he was 10 and I treasure it. It has a bonky zipper and is cut out incorrectly but I cannot look at it without smiling and think of the pride and joy he had in presenting it to me and saying " I made it myself". It is more valuable than all the Louis Vuittons and I would not trade it for a Kelly bag. No way!!
    Your balcony is just beautiful and the tablecloth perfect.

    Helen xx

  15. Love your paradises. Mine are big jugs of flowers and tiny posies cut from the garden in every room in the may be raining but the flowers are indoors to dry! Your sunny balcony looks so inviting.

  16. Das ist für mich immer erstaunlich, dass so viele Frauen in der Schweiz nähen können. Das ist nicht in jedem Land so :-))) Wunderschöne Kosmetiktaschen, schöner als die aus einer Drogerie :D Dein Balkon sieht aus wie aus einem Einrichtungsmagazin Klasse!