Monday, July 9, 2012

Longing for summer holidays

Longing for this... on Mondays especially! ;o)

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  1. A gypsy caravan! I want one too!

  2. Dear Christa,
    Wonderful! Many years ago the Greek Railways provided many such wagons for sale to citizens and they made ​​them small cottage!I think that blogger friends should give you a prize, like '' the most beautiful photo of Monday ".!Have a nice week !

  3. Are you planing your summer holidays or just wishing them here.

  4. It's a lovely, romantic image, Christa, but, believe me... 5 Star is better: shower, mini bar, air conditioning, flat Screen TV, fantastic breakfast cooked for you... possibly in Rome... WOW! Yes, please!

    Having said that, we leave for Italy on the 19th (I might have exciting news to share a little bit later!) and I can't wait! I just want to be there, see my family, wish my sister a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and breath the hot Summer air I love.

    I know you will have a wonderful time on your holiday and, after a year of work and no rest, it will be a welcome experience! Not long now, Christa!

    The caravan in the picture is really beautiful, Christa. Round here we sometimes see the odd one (with real gypsies in it!) parked at the side of a road, alongside a horse and a couple of dogs. Beautiful things to look at, but I think I prefer the one in the photo, which, I think, might actually be an old railway carriage. Very romantic...



  5. ...da würd ich mich jetzt auch gerne hinsetzen und einen Kaffee trinken...ein kleiner Traum...

    LG Pünktchen Punkt

  6. Happy monday morning Christa,
    I love this old Romany caravan.. one can cuddle up and enjoy the nights with a romantic flair.
    You will soon be on your holiday.. I am sure that you will enjoy Ireland very much. Take lots of photos.
    Here its a busy time. I have my great niece from England for 2 weeks ..+ 4 of my grandchildren.
    I wish you a lovely day.
    hugs from me to you

    ps. our gypsies travel with their horses ,dogs , and all their bedding on top of a horse wagon. very interesting people.

  7. What a cosy picture! Have a great monday.


  8. genau das Ding fehlt in meinem Garten!!!!! war würde ich dann auf die Greunflaeche komplett verzichten müssen, aber meine Güte, das nenn ich Gemütlichkeit auf einem Bild! Sooo herrlich schön! LG Tanja

  9. It looks like a place where you get your future predicted but it is beautiful.


  10. Wow so einen Wagen wollte ich immer gerne als Gartenhäuschen haben!
    Ein unerreichbarer Traum !